While most children with a parent in prison wouldn't be able to afford attending a summer camp, church sponsorships allow the kids to get away from home and leave their worries behind.
June 12, 2014
Written by Rebekah L. Stratton

I had the privilege of performing a wedding last weekend. The bride is a godly young woman, and the groom is a fine young man and Jesus follower. As a couple they are a matching set. One can see how God has created them for each other and will use them mightily.

June 6, 2014
Written by Jim Liske
Robyn, an inmate participating in Prison Fellowship's Prisoners to Pastors program, has begun a prayer movement at her prison in California.
June 5, 2014
Written by Rebekah L. Stratton

As my friend Quovadis Marshall, the director of spiritual development at Prison Fellowship Ministries, likes to say, Christians aren’t primarily saved from something – we are saved for Someone. Yes, Jesus, redeems us from our sins, and that’s hugely important. But we are saved in order to have a relationship with the living God who loves us.

May 30, 2014
Written by Jim Liske
Inside Journal, Prison Fellowship's newspaper for America's prisons, spent a few minutes talking with Bradford about some of the most pivotal moments of his life and what he’s learned about fatherhood along the way.
May 28, 2014
Written by Zoe Erler
As the leader of Camp Agape and Prison Fellowship’s field director in Hawaii, Roy wakes up every morning determined to help prisoners and their families experience true Paradise, knowing and loving the God who made him a new man.
May 27, 2014
Written by Alyson R. Quinn

God has made all of us to be leaders in the sphere of influence given to us. Some of the most important and precious work we do with prisoners is to help them realize that they, too, have this potential and calling to be leaders.

May 23, 2014
Written by Jim Liske

Motherhood is already a full-time job. Imagine how difficult it is for those moms facing an extra obstacle: incarceration.

What is it like to be a mother while in prison? Directed by Jenifer McShane, the documentary “Mothers of Bedford” explores the effects of long-term incarceration on mothers’ relationships with their children through the eyes of several women at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility in Bedford Hills, New York.

May 21, 2014
Written by Kate Campbell

Just recently Prison Fellowship received a sizable gift from a young man, not yet 30, who is enrolled in one of our intensive, faith-based reentry programs behind prison walls.

I am always encouraged when a man or woman behind bars gives back in this way.

May 19, 2014
Written by Jim Liske

Terrell enjoys playing the piano for others.

Without a daddy, you never really learn how to be a man.  Just ask Terrell.  Sometimes he still feels like an orphan.  His stepdad – the only father he had ever known – walked out on his mom when Terrell was just 13. 

May 19, 2014
Written by Carolyn Kincaid