Angel Tree

The challenges of a prison sentence don’t stop at the gate. With a heart of compassion and training from Prison Fellowship, you can help ex-prisoners struggling to return to the community as productive citizens, and you can offer hope to families coping with a loved one’s incarceration.

Angel Tree Coordinator

When parents go to prison, their children also partake of their punishment, often struggling with poverty, shame, anger, abandonment, and loneliness. Through thousands of churches, Prison Fellowship’s Angel Tree program delivers Christmas gifts, the Gospel, and a personal message of love to children on behalf of the Mom or Dad behind bars.

Angel Tree Church Coordinators determine how many children a congregation will serve, receive a list of local children to be served, and recruit volunteers to purchase and deliver gifts.

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Angel Tree Area Coordinator builds local relationships with churches, prison chaplains, and families. The coordinator helps to orchestrate the completion of service to local Angel Tree children at Christmas, and also casts a vision for Angel Tree throughout the year. The coordinator’s opportunities for involvement may include some or all of the following: recruiting and retaining churches to participate in Angel Tree, giving Angel Tree presentations and trainings, coordinating in-prison events to help inmates sign their children up for the Angel Tree program, or assisting with the assignment of children and data cleanup using the Angel Tree database.

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