Angel Tree Beyond Christmas

Be the one to help change a child’s life through the power of your partnership.

2.7 million children have a parent behind bars. They struggle with the loneliness of living without their mom or dad not just at Christmas—but all year long.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can be the one to help through the power of your partnership!

Throughout the year, your partnership supports children with spiritual, emotional, and physical needs. You give them a hope that continues well beyond the holidays!

Your support:

  • Shares the Gospel with prisoner’s children
    You’ll make sure kids learn about the love of Jesus and will give them the opportunity to accept Him as their Lord and Savior.
  • Build a future for the children you support
    You’ll help these boys and girls discover God’s purpose for their lives as they’re encouraged, guided, and taught how to succeed in their walk with the Lord.
  • Strengthen and restore their families
    You’ll help restore their broken families torn apart by crime, as well as connect them to loving churches where they can experience God’s peace and healing power.

There are hundreds of thousands of Angel Tree boys and girls across our nation who need your help.


Will you answer Christ’s call to serve these little ones today?

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