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Building Church Leaders in Prison

The Prison Fellowship TUMI (The Urban Ministry Institute) program fulfills a key element of the PF mission and vision by focusing on building church leaders in prison who can both build the church behind the walls and become leaders in the church on the outside. As a long term program, it fulfills a need for deep discipleship and leadership development.

Above all else, the Prison Fellowship TUMI program in the prisons is established on this essential conviction: God is raising up a new generation of Christ-centered servant leaders from behind bars who are biblically equipped, spiritually vital, and technically competent to accomplish God’s work in the urban centers of America.

The curriculum used in this program is perfect for inmates. It was developed by World Impact, a successful urban missions organization, so that students with limited education can still succeed.

As they apply themselves to a deeper understanding of God’s Word, He will use them in ways they never dreamed possible. learn more

InnerChange Freedom Initiative

The InnerChange Freedom Initiative (IFI) is a reentry program for prisoners based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Inmates begin the program 18 to 24 months before their release date and continue with a mentor for an additional 12 months once they have returned to the community.This values-based program is built on the belief that real and lasting change takes place from within. IFI stresses personal responsibility, the value of education and hard work, and care of persons and property. When you support IFI, you help make sure that inmates return to society as law-abiding neighbors—not repeat offenders. Learn More

Bridge Churches

Men and women who have an authentic encounter with Christ behind bars need the support of the local church when they return to society. Prison Fellowship Bridge Churches commit to “adopt” an ex-prisoner for one year following their release. With the help of Prison Fellowship, churches are trained and equipped to show the love of Christ to prisoners as they return to their communities.

“Christ challenges us not to forget the poor and not to forget the imprisoned. We have a responsibility to bridge that gap. Receiving ex-prisoners into our midst makes our communities safer and the fabric of our churches stronger.”
— Tim Rolen, Senior Pastor New Hope Community Church

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Out 4 Life

Out4Life brings together a coalition of community stakeholders state by state to tackle recidivism nationwide. The coalition includes representatives of faith-based organizations, state agencies, corrections, community-based organizations, victim’s advocacy groups, and the business community. These groups discuss how to coordinate reentry efforts, and the creation of coalitions that will provide pre-release, day-of-release, and post-release programming and mentoring to prisoners enrolled in the program. Learn more

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