In-Prison Ministry

Learn how to share God’s love through in-prison ministries. The stories and resources on this page will show you how to meet prisoners at their greatest point of need – in prison. (Please click on the + to view more resources)

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  • At Concert, Gang Leader Accepts Christ

    This past February, Prison Fellowship celebrated Black History Month with a tour of African American artists who led an evangelism campaign in Illinois. The tour featured Rev. Arthur Hallett, a jazz musician and songwriter, The Gideon …more »
  • Providing Opportunities for Rehabilitation

    Amid all the sound and fury emanating from Cleveland and the Republican National Convention this week, a smaller gathering took place, focusing on some of the successes taking place in criminal justice reform on the …more »
  • Running Toward a Different Goal

    Tim Montgomery has always been fast. A track legend in his hometown of Gaffney, South Carolina, Montgomery established himself as a sprinter from an early age. In college, he ran a sub-10-second 100 meters, only …more »