In-Prison Ministry

Learn how to share God’s love through in-prison ministries. The stories and resources on this page will show you how to meet prisoners at their greatest point of need – in prison. (Please click on the + to view more resources)

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  • Five Ways to Help the Incarcerated and Their Families

    “Justice that restores. What does that mean?  Who are we restoring? Where are we restoring them to?” Prison Fellowship President and CEO James Ackerman asks these questions to a recent gathering of volunteers in Tampa, …more »
  • A Teen’s Journey From Promising to Prisoner

    Through interviews woven into a one-hour special, the life of a young man named Tourrie Moses unfolds onscreen. And then it unravels. The One That Got Away aired on select PBS stations for Spotlight Education, …more »
  • Sins of the Fathers: Three Generations of Prisoners

    “Generation to generation, it all stems from me.” The lament of Sheldon Johnson, Sr. is a familiar one for many families stuck in a cycle of crime and incarceration. A deaf child raised by parents …more »