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How should Christians respond to the broadening reach of atheism or the church’s stance on homosexuality?  You and I face difficult questions that go to the very heart of our faith.  That’s why BreakPoint exists.  With BreakPoint, you are not alone in tackling these difficult cultural issues that affect our world around us.

But we need your help. Will you give today to keep BreakPoint on air and help us end our fiscal year strong?
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About BreakPoint

Chuck Colson, founder of BreakPoint and Prison Fellowship, started four-minute radio broadcasts to encourage Christians and help them live out their faith in the public square. Today, the BreakPoint broadcast, co-hosted by Eric Metaxas and John Stonestreet, continues to teach us how to do just that: walk in truth – in every detail of your life, live as a faithful follower of Christ.

If you’re a regular listener, you know BreakPoint radio broadcasts aim to help you and your family filter current events through Scripture and ask:

  • How would Jesus respond to the issues of our day?
  • How should a believer think about these issues – and how should we influence our networks and encourage our family and friends?

We need faithful friends like you to ensure that BreakPoint continues and that you and thousands more like you will be able to listen and apply relevant Christian insight into our culture.

Keep BreakPoint On Air
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“ [BreakPoint] reports on things I would otherwise not hear from other media, equipping me to combat the onslaught of cultural attacks on Christian value. ”
– Jasmine N., supporter
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Support BreakPoint

Your support is more critical than ever to keep BreakPoint going so we can continue to deliver the biblical perspective on the culture we live in and reach the hundreds of thousands of people who are eager to know how to live out the Christian worldview.

BreakPoint’s insights and interpretations of events and how Christians should respond are indispensable for thoughtful and serious believers like you and those you love.

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