On the Shoulders of Saints

Recently in Decatur, Ala., I was privileged to visit a new ministry founded by a graduate of the Colson Center’s Centurions program.

During her studies, Leigh learned to incorporate a Christian worldview into every aspect of her life. She learned to stand on the shoulders of those who had gone before her so that she could see where God was leading her.

After she graduated, God touched Leigh’s heart and the hearts of two of her friends. They went to the county jail and asked to volunteer in the women’s unit. They started out by becoming friends with the women, listening to them tell about what it was like to be sexually abused as children, to have parents who cooked meth, or to have mothers who offered them as payment for drugs. When Leigh saw these women through the perspective of a Christian worldview – as being created in the image of God and in the need of Jesus’s redemption – she knew she had to act.

Leigh began Refuge of Hope, a peaceful shelter and place of accountability for women recently released from incarceration. The Refuge is aptly named. Without it, these ladies would most likely go right back to the temptations they faced in their old lives.

Did you know that there are nearly 1,000 Centurions like Leigh across the country, caring for the least and lost and changing the world as we they become aligned with the values of the Kingdom? You can be one, too! Visit the Centurions page to learn how you can be trained and commissioned to become a world-changer like Leigh.

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