Prison Fellowship to Incoming Attorney General: Support Justice Reform

Prison Fellowship Vice President for Advocacy and Public Policy Craig DeRoche

Prison Fellowship Vice President for Advocacy and Public Policy Craig DeRoche

Yesterday, Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., went before the Senate for his confirmation hearing as Attorney General.

In the past, Sessions expressed skepticism of justice reform. He opposed bipartisan support for expanding rehabilitative programs in federal prison. In addition, he has been against restoring proportional sentences for drug offenses.

In an op-ed published yesterday by Fox News, Prison Fellowship's Craig DeRoche, senior vice president of advocacy and public policy, called upon Sessions to advance federal criminal justice reforms that uphold human dignity and seek to better society should he be the United States' next attorney general.

"It is imperative that legislators and policymakers undertake criminal justice reform thoughtfully, prioritizing those reforms proven to improve public safety," DeRoche writes.

Smart criminal justice reforms have worked well in state and local governments. And many states have seen a reduction in crime since cutting their prison population. These reforms can benefit the federal criminal justice system.

However, the reforms stalled when brought before Congress during the previous legislative session.

"It is to the public's advantage to use proven, safe, and effective alternatives to incarceration," urges DeRoche.

Click here to read DeRoche's op-ed.

If you would like to advocate for justice reform in your state and in the nation, visit our justice reform page for more information.