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Dallas Cowboys Host Unforgettable Angel Tree Sports Camp

Posted November 15, 2023
With five Super Bowl championships under their belt, the Dallas Cowboys are considered one of the NFL’s greatest teams. But the franchise’s wins don’t end on the field. Recently the team hosted their third annual Prison Fellowship Angel Tree® sports camp at The Star, the 91-acre campus of the Dallas Cowboys World Headquarters and practice facility in Frisco, Texas. Welcoming 181 boys and girls whose mom or dad is incarcerated, the team created a special day for each child to

Angel Tree Church Registration – Spanish

Posted September 28, 2023

Angel Tree Church Registration

Posted September 15, 2023

Uber Partners With Prison Fellowship To Remove Transportation Barriers for Angel Tree Teens

Posted August 23, 2023
Every year, thousands of children with a parent in prison attend free summer camps, sports camps, after-school programs, and other activities through Prison Fellowship Angel Tree. This past summer, Uber stepped in to make experiences like these possible for kids without access to transportation. Thanks to a partnership with Prison Fellowship®, teens in the Atlanta area could access free Uber rides to attend several free educational enrichment programs. For Catarina, a single, working mother in Atlanta, this


Posted June 22, 2023
Angel Tree® coordinators are an incredible example of what it looks like to be the hands and feet of Jesus in your community. As you step into this role, we pray that you will experience personal transformation and also witness positive change in your church and local community. We at Prison Fellowship® are here to support you as you begin this journey. Check out all the resources available to help you in your ministry! Angel Tree

God So Loved a Bank Robber: The ‘Mind-Boggling’ Origins and Ongoing Impact of Angel Tree

Posted December 14, 2022
It all started with a blind date between a safecracker and a young nursing school graduate. Born in Alabama to a churchgoing mother and a father who battled alcoholism, Mary Kay Beard was petite, bright, and red-haired. She would later say she grew up always knowing “how to get to heaven,” but it was anger and resentment that drove her steps in her early life. She finished high school at 15 and went on to nursing

Angel Tree Camping: Order Your Free Gift

Posted August 8, 2022
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Thank you for signing up for Angel Tree Christmas!

Posted August 5, 2022
THANK YOU FOR SIGNING UP FOR ANGEL TREE CHRISTMAS! You will receive a confirmation email once your registration has been reviewed and processed. Please keep Angel Tree® children in your prayers as Christmas approaches, and lift them up as they not only receive a gift from their parent but learn about Jesus—the greatest gift of all! Together we can help these children feel loved and valued—unlocking their potential for a brighter future. ADDITIONAL WAYS TO CONNECT WITH ANGEL TREE

Angel Tree Digital Toolkit

Posted July 20, 2022
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Angel Tree Resource Library

Posted July 18, 2022
ANGEL TREE RESOURCE LIBRARY Being an Angel Tree® coordinator is no small job. This comprehensive resource library is designed to give you and your volunteers everything you need to succeed this Christmas. These resources cover important topics, including building a team of volunteers and gift buyers, best practices for contacting caregivers, and navigating the Angel Tree app. Whether you’re kicking off or wrapping up the season, select the dropdown menu next to the phase of activity you’re

Angel Tree Promo (English)

Posted May 20, 2022
Promotional video of Angel Tree® a program of Prison Fellowship that serves incarcerated parents by providing a pathway for strengthening and restoring their relationships with their children and families. Angel Tree may not be available at all facilities.   VIEW/DOWNLOAD CONTENT

Angel Tree Promo (Spanish)

Posted May 20, 2022
Promotional video of Angel Tree® a program of Prison Fellowship that serves incarcerated parents by providing a pathway for strengthening and restoring their relationships with their children and families. Angel Tree may not be available at all facilities. VIEW/DOWNLOAD CONTENT

What is the Mission of Angel Tree Camping? A Conversation with the Harts

Posted May 11, 2022
One Mission, One Camp, No Distractions Jeremy and his wife Traci know how incarceration can strain family ties to the breaking point. When Jeremy went to prison in 2011 for fraud, he thought his family relationships were forever shattered, and he almost lost hope. During his second year in prison, Jeremy saw a flyer for Prison Fellowship Angel Tree™ and signed up his children. He learned that Angel Tree® would provide a personal message, the Gospel, and

Angel Tree Music Production Workshop

Posted March 11, 2022
Does your teenager love music? Can they imagine a career in recording or production? Don’t miss this free special event sponsored by Prison Fellowship Angel Tree™ and Tweed Recording! Who: Angel Tree kids ages 13–18 When: Saturday, April 23, 2022 | 9 a.m.–5 p.m. Where: Tweed Recording Audio Production School, 130 E. Washington St. Athens, GA 30601 Cost: FREE Name*

Angel Tree Parent Days Inspire Incarcerated Moms and Dads

Posted January 19, 2022
Parents in prison learn Prison Fellowship Angel Tree encompasses so much more than Christmas gifts. In late July 2021, Prison Fellowship launched our first Angel Tree® Parent Day, an in-prison event inviting incarcerated parents to learn more about and participate in Prison Fellowship Angel Tree™. The effort was the brainchild of Vanessa Franklin, national director of field operations. We sat down with Vanessa to hear about this new venture. Prison Fellowship: What is the vision behind Angel Tree