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Presents, Prayers, and a Pep Talk: An Angel Tree Journey Rooted in Love

Posted August 25, 2021
PRESENTS, PRAYERS, AND A PEP TALK: AN ANGEL TREE JOURNEY ROOTED IN LOVE Destiny’s journey started out with resentment. What changed during her 10 years as an Angel Tree kid? By Cherise Bopape When Destiny's family first visited Second Baytown Church during Christmastime, Destiny's attitude was typical for an 8-year-old. She didn't want to go. Her dad was serving a long-term prison sentence, and her family had just moved from Dallas to Baytown, Texas. Though Destiny's single mother

Love in Action – Angel Tree

Posted August 21, 2021
Preparing and helping introduce a healthy, hopeful life through Christ with Angel Tree.   VIEW/DOWNLOAD CONTENT

A Safe Place: The Continuing Impact of Angel Tree Year-Round at Second Baytown

Posted August 18, 2021
A SAFE PLACE: THE CONTINUING IMPACT OF ANGEL TREE YEAR-ROUND AT SECOND BAYTOWN What happens when an Angel Tree coordinator has the courage to ask, 'What else can we do?' by Joanna Breault She's not afraid to admit it: There are times Amber Frost doesn't feel like going to the Sunday afternoon meeting once a month at Second Baytown. Sometimes she's having a bad day, or her two kids are acting up. But no matter what, she shows

Flikshop – Angel Tree Caregivers

Posted August 9, 2021
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Angel Tree Caregivers

Posted July 22, 2021
ANGEL TREE CAREGIVERS When parents in prison stay connected with their children, everyone benefits. Kids know they are loved and not forgotten. Incarcerated parents are empowered to share in their kids’ well-being. And, as caregiver, you gain the peace of mind that this bond is being strengthened.

Angel Tree Quick Reference Guide – English

Posted June 9, 2021

Angel Tree Quick Reference Guide – Spanish

Posted June 9, 2021

Angel Tree Toolkit – Downloadable Photo 6 (2021)

Posted June 7, 2021

Angel Tree Toolkit – Downloadable Photo 5 (2021)

Posted June 7, 2021

Angel Tree Toolkit – Downloadable Photo 4 (2021)

Posted June 7, 2021