Faith and Justice Fellowship

In 2016 Prison Fellowship mobilized the Faith & Justice Fellowship, a bipartisan body including members of Congress, governors, and state legislators motivated by their various faith traditions and committed to prioritizing and advancing restorative values in criminal justice reforms.

Prominent legislators and state executives have joined Prison Fellowship in pledging to build a justice system that honors the dignity and value of each human life by seeking to restore all those impacted by crime and incarceration. Members of the Fellowship support justice reform that transforms those responsible for crime, validates victims, and encourages communities to play a role in creating a safe, redemptive, and just society.

These men and women recognize that no one is beyond redemption, and they are committed to working for policies that bring hope and wholeness to those impacted by crime and incarceration.


The mission of the Faith & Justice Fellowship is to build, inform, and inspire a movement of policymakers and voters who believe that human dignity and redemption should be represented in our national dialogue on criminal justice. Members are committed to working in good faith with each other to reach the shared goal of restoration for communities, victims, and people who commit crimes, but are not obligated to support or oppose any particular legislation.

Respect for the equal dignity of all human life – no matter how small or weak – and for the redemptive capacity of all sinners – no matter how calloused – is the foundation for everything that conservatives stand for. So, as I see it, criminal justice reform properly understood represents principled conservatism at its best.Senator Mike Lee, UT
Partnerships between faith-based organizations and law enforcement have been critical to helping thousands of individuals prepare to re-enter their communities as productive members of society. Bipartisan reforms to our criminal justice system can strengthen these initiatives across the country, and I look forward to continuing to work to improve our criminal justice system and expand opportunities for faith-based partnerships to flourish.Senator John Cornyn, TX
As a chaplain in the Air Force Reserve and as a Baptist pastor, I've seen the power of grace. I've seen the importance of second chances. Our criminal justice system should be one where punishment fits the crime, but we must not forget that we are all created in God's image. Faith has an important role to play in criminal justice reform, and I look forward to continuing that dialogue.
Congressman Doug Collins, GA

Membership in the Faith & Justice Fellowship is not an endorsement of specific candidates for office by Prison Fellowship. Members of the Faith & Justice Fellowship are not required to sponsor or otherwise advocate for specific reform legislation.