Angel Tree Christmas 2014

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Angel Tree Children Need Jesus This Christmas.

You can help change the life of a prisoner’s child forever this Christmas!

For Angel Tree children, Christmastime is especially lonely, a time when they miss their parents the most. Your gift of $14.08 will be DOUBLED to help reach TWO Angel Tree children with a Christmas gift and a message from their parent in prison and introduce them to their loving Savior, Jesus Christ.

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Support Angel Tree This Christmas

Christmas is coming soon, and Angel Tree’s goal is to reach 375,000 children of prisoners who hope for a Christmas filled with joy!

These boys and girls:

  • Feel abandoned and confused for their parent’s incarceration.
  • Hope that their parent in prison remembers them.
  • Need to know that Jesus Christ can fill the void in their hearts and that God can bring healing to their families broken by crime.

Each $14.08 you send right now will help reach one prisoner’s child with a Christmas gift, the Gospel, and a loving message given on behalf of their parent in prison.

But right now, thanks to a generous matching grant, your gift will be doubled to help reach TWO prisoners’ children!



quotation1Before Angel Tree, I had no friends. I didn’t know what was going on. I cried every day … now, I am part of one big family, and I know that I can talk to Jesus, and He will help me with my problems.

– Shay, Angel Tree child

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Who We Are

Prison Fellowship’s Angel Tree program is the only nationwide effort that specifically reaches out to hundreds of thousands of innocent children who carry the heavy burden of their parents’ incarceration throughout the year. At Christmastime, Angel Tree introduces prisoners and their children to Jesus and brings healing and restoration to families destroyed by crime.

What We Do

Through the delivery of a Christmas gift and the Gospel given on behalf of the incarcerated parent, Angel Tree boys and girls are presented with Christ’s free gift of salvation, feel loved and remembered by their parent, and experience the simple joys of the Christmas season. Angel Tree also provides ministry to the children through its summer camping program and promotes family reconciliation through discipleship and mentoring.

How You Can Help

It starts with a gift! Each $14.08 you send right now will help give one prisoner’s child a special Christmas gift, the Gospel, and a message from their parent in prison. Through your gift, you will serve as the hands and feet of Jesus Christ and share His love with prisoners and their children.

There are 375,000 Angel Tree children that we need to reach this Christmas —but we can only reach them through the help of generous friends like you.

Will you be the one to bring them to Jesus this Christmas?


How Does Angel Tree Make An Impact?

quotation1“Before Angel Tree, I had no friends. I didn’t know what was going on. I cried every day … now, I am part of one big family, and I know that I can talk to Jesus, and He will help me with my problems.”– Shay, Angel Tree child

quotation2“I was too young to actually remember my dad. But those Angel Tree presents – I don’t know how to describe it – they made me feel like I was important. I was really happy I got something from him, and to know that he’s ok.”– Akeylah, Angel Tree child

quotation1“Because of Angel Tree, my children smile at Christmas, they know that God loves them, and that someone besides their parents love them.”– Erin, Angel Tree parent

quotation2“I have three children, and I’ve been eight years in Angel Tree. They have provided gifts for my children every year. The gifts they provided brought tears to my eyes because my first term, I wasn’t a Christian. And I didn’t have nothing. I was a drug addict, I was in prison. But Angel Tree opened the door for me.”– Terry, prisoner parent

quotation1“Prison Fellowship’s Angel Tree program demonstrates Christ-centered compassion, integrity, and results. When you partner with Angel Tree, you can have confidence that your gift will be used wisely and effectively to minister to prisoners and their families. I support their efforts and encourage you to do so as well.”– Rick Warren, Senior Pastor at Saddleback Church