The challenges of a prison sentence don’t stop at the gate. With a heart of compassion and training from Prison Fellowship, you can help ex-prisoners struggling to return to the community as productive citizens, and you can offer hope to families coping with a loved one’s incarceration.

Mentor an ex-prisoner

Mentors are Prison Fellowship trained encouragers who help soon-to-be-released and recently released inmates of their same gender carry out a thoughtful plan for reentry into society, including full compliance with conditions of release, as well as reintegration into family, church, and community.

As the ex-prisoner first engages with the significant challenges of reentry, the mentor provides a listening ear, encouragement, practical advice, and accountability. The relationship naturally decreases in intensity as the ex-prisoner reaches increasing levels of independence and maturity.

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Reentry team member

For most prisoners, reentry—the transition from prison back into the community—is one of the most difficult parts of the prison sentence. Prison Fellowship reentry team members connect prisoners with the resources available to help ex-prisoners succeed, like addiction counseling, employment services, food, clothing, and housing. As ex-prisoners see their basic needs met, they gain a sense of security that helps them avoid criminal alternatives for good.

Let Prison Fellowship train you to help ex-prisoners access critical services and become productive, law-abiding members of the community.

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