Christmas joy lies just outside the reach of a child staring at the chair by the tree in the living room where Mom or Dad should be sitting.

But now, for every $22 you give, the Matching Grant will DOUBLE it to bring joy to TWO children of prisoners. Children will receive a gift chosen just for them by their incarcerated parent and a note reminding them just how loved and cherished they really are.

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"Prison Fellowship's Angel Tree is a life-changing experience—for everyone involved."
—Chuck Colson

Your Gift Will Be Doubled

About Angel Tree

Angel Tree is a Prison Fellowship program that gives parents behind bars a way to restore and strengthen relationships with their children through a tangible experience of God’s love—especially at Christmas. And thanks to a $75,000 Matching Grant, your gift today will reach TWICE as many kids! Here’s how it works:


A mom or dad behind bars asks for help to give Christmas to their kids. Thousands of incarcerated parents sign up their children every year.


Your donation will help deliver a gift and the Gospel to a child on behalf of their parent who is in prison.


Every single Angel Tree family will have the opportunity to receive a full-text Bible in English or Spanish.


Children come to know Christ, prisoners’ hearts are opened to the Gospel, and families are restored!

“This week at camp has been awesome, and I hope I can come back next year!”

“It’s a really cool experience to come to a place where you can have fun but learn about God at the same time.”

“Every year, I would receive a gift from Angel Tree,” she says, “and that was what brought hope to me.”

“I really feel like I’ve come full circle. And I’m super grateful to Angel Tree for setting me on this path.”

Through the power of the match, each $22 you give will help deliver a gift and the Gospel to TWO children of prisoners.

Angel Tells Her Story: “Angel Tree showed me…that I am loved.”

There's a special kind of loneliness that hits children of prisoners especially hard. Angel can tell you all about it.

"People just don't realize that sometimes you feel like you're missing something," she says, "like you search for something that you know you might not have."

When her dad went to prison, Angel's world fell apart.

"I used to blame myself for his actions," she recalls. That made it even harder to bear the pain of being separated. But when Angel Tree stepped into the picture, everything changed.

Your gift can help children of prisoners know that they are loved this Christmas.

An Angel Tree Christmas changed everything

Angel Tree helped show Angel that her dad loved her, even though he couldn't be there for her. It gave her something to look forward to each year. And Christmas was only the beginning.

You see, Angel also was invited to spend a week at Angel Tree summer camp. Looking back, she says, "Angel Tree helped me realize that I am something, and that I am loved."  

Malik's Angel Tree Christmas: Made possible by someone like YOU!

For Malik, an Angel Tree Christmas was just what the doctor ordered. He was just a tiny baby when his dad went to prison.

But as he opened his gifts, a giant smile spread across his little face. When he saw the toy cars, his grin grew even wider.

That Christmas was beyond anything they could have imagined, Malik's mom recalls. "Angel Tree taught me that more about God," she says. "He's showed me that my kids are loved, cared for, and not forgotten." But there's another hurting little boy like Malik—and another mother who aches to see smiles on the faces of her children this Christmas.

Angel Tree can make a lifelong impact on the heart of a child. YOU can make that impact possible.

Malik and his family will never be the same

When his dad went to prison, life got very hard for Malik and his family. They lost their home and had to live in a shelter for a while. There was barely enough money to buy food.
And then, one wonderful Christmas, Malik and his brothers were invited to an Angel Tree party at a nearby church.
What happened at that party changed their lives forever.
"We found a room full of people who were experiencing the same thing we were," Malik's mom says. "My kids don't feel alone anymore."
"You could see the excitement in their faces," she says. And it was about more than just the gifts they received.
Because of Angel Tree, Malik and his brothers have also developed a deep love for God. They bring tears to their mom's eyes now when they pray—not just for themselves, but for others.
We want to give at least 310,000 children of prisoners like them an Angel Tree Christmas this year. May we count on you to help?

Malia's Story: A Christmas to Remember!

Kids like Malia are the reason your support of Angel Tree this year is absolutely critical.

She's never forgotten the day the police raided her home and took her father away in handcuffs.

She was only 5 years old when it happened. But she remembers it like it was yesterday.

Suddenly—unexpectedly—Malia's life was torn to pieces. Her little heart was broken in a way that only a miracle could repair.

You can help give an Angel Tree child like Malia a Christmas to remember for the rest of their lives.

The good news is that Angel Tree is in the business of making miracles. And people like you helped make a miracle happen for Malia. It began on a December night, a few Christmases ago, when Malia and her sisters were invited to their first Angel Tree party.

Malia will always remember that night too.  

I hope you will allow me to tell you her story. I know it will speak to your heart. It will show you the difference you can make for another child.

You can make a difference for a kid like Malia

Malia's eyes got big when she saw her gifts—some very "girlie" tennis shoes, a warm winter jacket, and a Barbie doll she loves. "She was really excited," her mom remembers. But, even more important, those gifts really helped her relationship with her dad.  

Every time she looks at them, or plays with her doll, she thinks of him. They're a reminder that he loves her and is thinking about her too.

"Angel Tree makes all the difference in the world," Malia's mom says gratefully. "It brings families together—dads and kids."

But there are still many children of prisoners who have never had an Angel Tree Christmas. We need your help to reach them this Christmas.

Share in the 37-year legacy of pointing children to jesus

2.7 million children in America have a parent in prison—that’s one in every elementary school classroom. Some are so young that they don’t even understand why mom or dad is gone. These kids are often sad, lonely, and desperate to feel loved. We’ve got to reach them, and Angel Tree can.

Since 1982, when a former prisoner named Mary Kay Beard started Angel Tree, caring friends like you have delivered more than 11 million gifts to girls and boys with a mom or dad in prison.

With each gift we deliver, we also share the Gospel. And this year, many Angel Tree families will receive their very own, full-text children’s Bible and a colorful Christmas storybook that tells the story of Jesus’ birth in simple language that even a young child can understand.

But we depend on people like you to make it all possible.

Thank you! Your submission has been received!
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Make a difference for eternity TODAY

"Dad was still gone, but Angel Tree definitely helped out with softening the blow."
—Kenny Clark, NFL player and former Angel Tree child

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James 5:16 reminds us that, "The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective" (NIV). And the faithful friends who pray for prisoners’ children are also an essential part of Angel Tree.

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You’ll help give an Angel Tree Christmas to even more prisoners’ children. Your friends and family will experience the joy of changing lives too.

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