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When Christmas comes, prisoners' children often wonder, Does my mommy or daddy still love me? Do they even remember me anymore?

But you can give a wonderful surprise to the children of prisoners this Christmas — a special Children's Adventure Bible of their very own! You can show a child how much their Heavenly Father loves them. And each Bible costs just $16 to provide.

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"Prison Fellowship's Angel Tree is a life-changing experience–for everyone involved."
–Chuck Colson

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About Angel Tree

Angel Tree is a Prison Fellowship program that gives parents behind bars a way to restore and strengthen relationships with their children through a tangible experience of God’s love.

Here’s how it works:

A mom or dad behind bars asks for help to give Christmas to their kids. Thousands of incarcerated parents are signing up their children right now.

Prisoners' kids will have the opportunity to hear the Gospel at Angel Tree summer camps thanks to scholarships from donors like you.

Every single Angel Tree family will have the opportunity to receive a full-text Bible in English or Spanish.

Children come to know Christ, prisoners’ hearts are opened to the Gospel, and families are restored!

“This week at camp has been awesome, and I hope I can come back next year!”

“It’s a really cool experience to come to a place where you can have fun but learn about God at the same time.”

“Every year, I would receive a gift from Angel Tree,” she says, “and that was what brought hope to me.”

“I really feel like I’ve come full circle. And I’m super grateful to Angel Tree for setting me on this path.”

"Angel Tree gave me and my kids hope in a hopeless time and helped restore my faith. God bless you."
–Sharon, an Angel Tree mom

Brian's story: The gift that changed everything

One night, when Brian was 12, his father shot his mother in a jealous rage. He turned the gun on Brian and his sister next. Then he tried to shoot himself. By the grace of God, no one died that night. But Brian’s whole life unraveled.

The Bible Brian received from Angel Tree as a child turned his whole life around.

His dad went to prison. His mom turned to alcohol to escape. The children bounced from home to home, living wherever they could find refuge. But then one Christmas, Brian received gifts from Angel Tree, including a Bible.

That Bible changed Brian’s life. When he married and started a family, it was there. When he had no job and couldn’t feed his children, it comforted him. When Brian’s dad was released and Brian didn’t think he could face him, the Bible saw him through.

Today, Brian says, “I preach the Gospel of Jesus from the Bible I received from Angel Tree.”

Trinity's story: It felt like her dad was there!

When Trinity's daddy went to prison, life got hard in a hurry. "It wasn't just him that went to jail. I kind of feel like we all did," her mom says.

You can help give an Angel Tree child like Trinity a Christmas to remember for the rest of their lives.

But then, one Christmas, Angel Tree delivered presents for Trinity on behalf of her dad.

"It really felt like her dad was there almost, even though he wasn't," Trinity's mom remembers." Trinity loved the Barbie dolls, clothes, and boots she received. But the best gift of all was her children's Bible. Trinity and her mom Miranda read that Bible together a lot now. And Trinity prays for her dad every day.

Her voice is so sweet and innocent—"God, I know that my daddy is not always there, but I know his love is always there." Will you help reach another child like her this Christmas?

Dulce's story: The gift that brought hope

Growing up with her father in prison was hard on Dulce. “He missed the most important days of my life,” she recalls. But even in the worst times, there was one bright spot in Dulce’s life. “Every year, I would receive a gift from Angel Tree, and that was what brought hope to me.”

Prisoners' kids like Dulce often think their parents have forgotten them, but Angel Tree shows them how much they are loved.

Dulce needed hope desperately. “I was giving my mom a really hard time in those years,” she admits. Arrested at age 15, she could easily have ended up in prison, just like her dad did. But God answered her mother’s prayers.

With God’s help and a lot of encouragement, Dulce turned her life around. She studied hard, graduated from high school with honors, and recently finished her college degree. She has a bright future, but she might have had no future if it hadn’t been for people like you.

Janise's story: Her only hope for Christmas was someone like you

Janise was only 2 years old when her father went to prison. And she missed him. Desperately. But one day, when Janise was a 4th grader, her mom brought home a special package. It was full of Christmas gifts for Janise from her dad. "I didn't even know that other people bought the presents," Janise recalls. But she knew that her dad had not forgotten her.

Prisoners' kids like Janise need to know they haven't been forgotten at Christmas.

Today you would hardly believe Janise is the same shy little girl whose only hope for Christmas that year was someone like you. She got involved with a great church, grew strong in her faith, and worked hard to get a good education. After graduating from high school, Janise enrolled in the pharmacy program at a college near her home. She's overcoming the odds that defeat so many prisoners' children.

With your help today, Angel Tree can reach many more kids like her this Christmas.

Share in the 36-year legacy of pointing children to jesus

2.7 million American children have a parent in prison—that’s one in every elementary school classroom. Some are so young that they don’t even understand why mom or dad is gone. These kids are often sad, lonely, and desperate to feel loved. We’ve got to reach them, and Angel Tree can.

Since 1982, when a former prisoner named Mary Kay Beard started Angel Tree, caring friends like you have delivered more than 10 million gifts to girls and boys with a mom or dad in prison.

With each gift we deliver, we also share the Gospel. And this year, many Angel Tree families will receive their very own, full-text children’s Bible and a colorful Christmas storybook that tells the story of Jesus’ birth in simple language that even a young child can understand.

But we depend on people like you to make it all possible.

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"It started with a gift and it changed my life."
–Justice, an Angel Tree child

Other ways to get involved


James 5:16 reminds us that, "The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective" (NIV). And the faithful friends who pray for prisoners’ children are also an essential part of Angel Tree.

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You’ll help give an Angel Tree Christmas to even more prisoners’ children. Your friends and family will experience the joy of changing lives too.

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