David Rakestraw and his children know from personal experience that when you invest in the lives of prisoners and their families, God will do what many call impossible.



David Rakestraw and his children know from personal experience that when you invest in the lives of prisoners and their families, God will do what many call impossible.

Prisoners and their families are crying out for HOPE

God is doing remarkable things through people like you. But too many prisoners and their families still haven’t heard the Gospel or experienced its life-changing power. Thousands would give anything for a chance to start over...to see real, positive, and lasting change for themselves and for their children.

To give them that chance, we need your help.

Every plan we have prayerfully made depends on the support of people like you. For Angel Tree, our evangelistic Hope Events, the Prison Fellowship Academy, and more. There is much more we can accomplish if we rise together in response to God’s call.

But to answer that call—and to see more lives changed—your gift today is critical.


Your gift is critical!

There is more—much more—God wants to do through you for prisoners and their families. Support from people like you is the only way we can move forward.

That is the only way we can dream bigger dreams and do greater things, including:

Sending 14,000 children of prisoners to Angel Tree summer camps—where they hear the Gospel and grow stronger in their walk with Jesus.

Holding at least 175 evangelistic Hope Events in prisons all around the country.

Dramatically expanding our Angel Tree Christmas outreach to reach more than 300,000 children of prisoners this year.

Putting a Bible into the hands of every Angel Tree child, anywhere in the country, who asks for one.

Taking the next step in a bold campaign to establish the proven Prison Fellowship Academy in at least one men’s prison and one women’s prison in every state.

And more!

Your support is critical to putting these plans into action. You are God’s channel of supply. And thousands of incarcerated men and women still haven't heard the Good News of Jesus Christ.


Your support makes transformation possible

The love of God changed David’s life forever, but without someone like you, he might never have heard the Gospel.

If you ask him today, David will say that God saved him by sending him to prison. His life was out of control. He couldn’t stop drinking. It was only a matter of time until his freedom would be taken away.

In prison, David lost everything that mattered to him, including his children. But something else also happened. He surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. David got involved with Prison Fellowship and signed his children up for Angel Tree. Slowly, life began to change.

Today he is out of prison and reunited with his family. Together, they are following God with all their hearts. They are a powerful example of what God can do and is doing when you give. But there’s another family—it could be any one of a thousand prisoners’ families. This family still needs to experience the power of the Gospel.

Will you help make sure that they can?


Give today!

God is doing so much through people like you. Help change lives with your gift today!

You’ll give many more prisoners a chance to change their lives

Lisa was serving for life and expected to die behind bars, but God had other plans.

Lisa’s happy childhood took a horrible turn the day her father walked out on her family. She was just 11 years old when it happened. In that moment, she could not even have imagined the abuse she would face in the years to come.

At the tender age of 14, she was forced into prostitution. By 18, she was pregnant. This was not the life Lisa had imagined for herself. The abuse she faced as a child, the constant victimization, did little to prepare her to live in the world of adults.

And then, in her early 20s, she did something she would regret for the rest of her life.

Found guilty of first-degree murder, it looked like the rest of her life would be spent behind bars.

Her children didn’t write. They didn’t come to visit. Lisa thought she would never be able to be a mother to them again. But everything changed when she discovered Prison Fellowship and learned how Angel Tree provided toys at Christmas to prisoners’ children.

Lisa says that to be able to give something to her children at Christmas meant more to her than life itself.

Lisa’s kids participated in Angel Tree for 10 years. And then suddenly one Christmas, when Lisa called home to talk to her kids about their Angel Tree gifts, she learned that her son Nehemiah was in the hospital in a coma and not expected to live.

The news stunned her. “The only reason I had hope in prison was my children.”

After she hung up the phone, as she sat on her bed, Lisa heard God say very clearly: “I control whether your son lives or dies.”

She fell on her knees and asked God to heal him. God heard Lisa’s prayer, and little Nehemiah got better. The following Sunday, Lisa went to church to thank Him. She went again. And again—God was beckoning her to come to Him. 

But Lisa might still have drowned out the Holy Spirit’s prompting if not for the prison revival service where God made it clear to her, “Lisa, this is your last chance.”

Lisa ran to the altar and gave her life to Christ. She began attending Prison Fellowship Bible studies and learned how to be a woman of God.

For the first time in her life, Lisa began to generate positive momentum. She worked hard to earn her GED—the equivalent of a high school diploma. And she didn’t stop there. While still in prison, she received her ordination. Lisa led prayer meetings. She mentored other women.

And then, on September 11, 2009—23 years after receiving a life sentence—Lisa was released.

That day was only the beginning. Lisa is still sharing what God has done for her and will do for others. Today there isn’t even a hint of the woman she once was. 

Will you commit yourself to coming alongside other incarcerated men and women like Lisa? Will you help offer them freedom in Jesus Christ? 

That’s the gift God wants to give to prisoners and their families. And that’s the gift your support will help deliver.


Here’s how you can help today

to shatter the cycle of crime

You can be part of God’s provision to make the Gospel known to prisoners who haven’t heard or experienced its redemptive power.

Please give now. And please give the best gift you can. Thank you!

Change a prisoner forever