Give God's Word to a prisoner

Bibles for Prisoners

God's Word changes lives. And men and women inside America's prisons need their hearts changed before they're released back into our communities. Your gift today puts Bibles directly into their hands.


You can change a life forever

The letters pour in from across America, from prisons in all 50 states. Men and women behind bars long for hope beyond their circumstances, and they write us every day asking for one thing:


"I'm in prison here in Florida doing 15 years for attempted murder. I'd love to get closer to the Lord and would love to do a Bible study but I have no Bible and my eyes aren't too good. I would need a large print Bible so I can see. I hope to hear from you real soon."
"I would like to ask for a Bible. We have some here, but I am about to go home and I would like to take a Bible with me. I love to read the Bible and do my own Bible study. Thank you."

You can be a part of answering these calls for hope!

Your gift today delivers Bibles directly into the hands of prisoners in America.

The Bible is a powerful tool in the hands of the Living God. He can use it to truly, eternally, change lives. And this special edition, large print study Bible was created especially for prisoners. It features a host of helpful Bible study tools, including:

  • 84 Bible-based devotionals tied to the 12 steps of life recovery
  • Helpful articles on overcoming addiction
  • Profiles of key Bible figures, along with lessons about recovery that can be gleaned from their lives
  • And more!

Prisoners across America are asking for this Bible. In the year ahead, we want to deliver thousands of Bibles to some of our country's 2.2 million incarcerated men and women. Most of them will be released back into our communities. Let's send them home with hope...and a Bible!

Give a Bible to a Prisoner

Your gift will help prisoners find their way out of darkness and into the light of God's Word.

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This is prison fellowship

For more than 40 years, Prison Fellowship has been on the cutting edge of ministry to prisoners.

In-Prison Evangelism

Hope Events are large-scale evangelism efforts designed to introduce prisoners to the hope of the Gospel.

In-Prison Discipleship

The Prison Fellowship Academy trains men and women in life and how to be more like Jesus.

Family Care

Angel Tree Every Day provides year-round ministry for the children of incarcerated parents.

Every dollar you give will go toward helping deliver Bibles to prisoners across America. How many will you give?

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