Trisha’s Story: Help a prisoner’s child beat the odds

If ever a child had the odds stacked against her, Trisha was that child. Her father was an addict. His fits of drug-fueled rage were legendary.

One day, he put a gun to her mother’s head and threatened to kill her. Trisha and her siblings were scared to death of him. He often locked the kids out of the house. None of them ever really had a childhood.


When Trisha was in third grade, her dad was arrested for manufacturing drugs in their basement. He ended up in prison. The state took the kids away. Life was hard before Trisha’s dad was incarcerated. But afterward it got worse.
For a while the kids lived in a shelter. Eventually, they moved in with Trisha’s grandma.

She tried to take good care of them, but the entire family was struggling.

And then, one Christmas, volunteers from Angel Tree showed up at Grandma’s door.


“Angel Tree helped our family so much,” Trisha remembers. And Christmas was only one of the ways. In fact, if you ask Trisha what made the biggest difference in her life, she’ll say it was Angel Tree camp. “Camp is so amazing,” she says. “I always felt like I was the only one who went through what I did until I came to camp.  

“At camp, I met people who were like me. That really opened me up.”

It was the love she felt at camp that led Trisha to give her heart to Jesus. Her counselors were there for her whenever she needed them, not just for a week every summer.  

They saw Trisha through some tough times. She still relies on them for guidance about how to be a better follower of Jesus—and how to reassure her younger sisters that they don’t have to face their struggles alone either.

When Trisha served as a counselor at Angel Tree camp, her story came full circle. She says she loved it because she knows what the girls who come to camp are going through.


Trisha recently completed nursing school! She is beating the odds that take so many prisoners’ kids out of the game. She started college in the fall, where she studied to become a pediatric nurse. Trisha has developed a heart for helping others. And it started when someone like you helped her.

Stories like Trisha’s are proof of what your love and support can accomplish. Through Angel Tree, ordinary people like you are reaching thousands of prisoners’ kids like her each year—at Christmas, and by sending many to Angel Tree summer camp.

But prisoners’ kids need opportunities to have fun and learn about Jesus all year long.

That’s why Prison Fellowship has launched Angel Tree Every Day.

Angel Tree Every Day provides year-round opportunities for children of prisoners to meet new friends, have fun, participate in experiences they will never forget—and, most important, learn about Jesus.

Your gift will make it possible to bring hope into their lives.


About Angel Tree EVERY DAY

2.7 million children in the U.S. have experienced the abandonment, loneliness, and shame that comes with having a mom or dad in prison. But you can bring hope into their lives. Through Angel Tree Every Day, you can give these kids a way to meet friends, have fun, and hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Your generosity will help provide a Christmas gift and the Gospel to thousands of children every year on behalf of their incarcerated parent.

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Sports Clinics

Your support will help teach kids about the importance of teamwork, good health, and how to build good character.

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Prisoners' kids will have the opportunity to hear the Gospel at Angel Tree summer camps, thanks to scholarships from donors like you.

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Your support will help children learn to love God's Word by providing a children's Bible to every Angel Tree family that wants one.

“This week at camp has been awesome, and I hope I can come back next year!”

“It’s a really cool experience to come to a place where you can have fun but learn about God at the same time.”

“Every year, I would receive a gift from Angel Tree,” she says, “and that was what brought hope to me.”

“I really feel like I’ve come full circle. And I’m super grateful to Angel Tree for setting me on this path.”