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Countdown to Christmas: Deliver a Gift to an Angel Tree Child in Need

Posted December 19, 2019
Deliver a Gift to an Angel Tree Child in Need  12/19 UPDATE: 0 CHILDREN STILL IN NEED Thanks to the nearly 7,500 partners that committed to serve more than 300,000 kids this Christmas, all Angel Tree children have been assigned and registration is now closed for 2019. THANK YOU! There are still unassigned Angel Tree® children in the United States! We rely on local churches, groups, and individuals to share the joy of Christmas with the children of prisoners. While thousands

Angel Tree Sports Camp

Posted December 16, 2019
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Angel Tree Camping

Posted December 16, 2019
HOPE IN THE GREAT OUTDOORS Angel Tree Camping® makes camp possible for children of incarcerated parents by providing scholarships and partnering with churches and camps nationwide. DONATE TODAY WHERE HOPE AND ADVENTURE AWAIT From rope swings and ziplines to horseback riding and swimming, camp is a chance for kids to just be kids—having fun, making new friends, meeting adult counselors who listen, and learning about Jesus in the great outdoors. Campers discover a haven from

Prison Fellowship Angel TreeTM

Posted December 16, 2019
STRENGTHENING BONDS, SUPPORTING FAMILIES Prison Fellowship Angel Tree™ equips churches to strengthen relationships between incarcerated parents and their children and support the families of prisoners year-round. DONATE TODAY REGISTER Sign up your church, group, or organization to make a difference in the lives of prisoners’ families by coordinating gift deliveries and more this Christmas.DONATE One in 49 children in the U.S. has a mom or dad in prison. You can help children know they

Angel Tree Christmas 2019

Posted November 22, 2019

Find Angel Tree Opportunities Near You

Posted November 15, 2019

Is Angel Tree® for Real?

Posted October 30, 2019
How a hardened prisoner's icy heart melted from the warmth of Angel Tree. The following article was originally published in Inside Journal®, a quarterly newspaper printed and distributed by Prison Fellowship® to correctional facilities across the country. It was count time. Michigan prisoner Doug Cupery wondered what the flurry down the line was about. Prisoners were receiving papers to fill out. When the corrections officer reached Doug's cell, he told him it was for Angel Tree®. Fill

Annual Report – Angel Tree Camping

Posted October 7, 2019
ANGEL TREE CAMPING Angel Tree Camping Gives Prisoners' Children a 'Safe Place' Angel Tree® treats thousands of prisoners’ children to Christian summer camp for a week of great fun, new friends, new experiences—and new hope that profoundly impacts their futures and their families. For the nation’s 2.7 million children with a parent in prison, camp is more than just a fun experience. Angel Tree Camping® helps send children to Christian camping partners nationwide, where they have opportunities to

Annual Report – Angel Tree Sports Clinic

Posted October 7, 2019
ANGEL TREE SPORTS CLINIC Angel Tree Sports Clinic: A Game-Changer for Kids on the Field and Off Angel Tree Sports Clinic™ is part of Prison Fellowship®’s ongoing effort to serve prisoners’ families in every season. Many children attending might not otherwise have a chance to go to an athletic clinic, let alone learn from top-tier coaches and players. At each clinic, children of prisoners receive encouragement from positive role models who understand their struggles. They develop confidence and

Annual Report – Angel Tree

Posted October 7, 2019
ANGEL TREE CHRISTMAS Angel Tree Delivers Christmas Joy for Prisoners’ Children Since 1982, Angel Tree® has been about bringing families together and sharing the Gospel—gifts more valuable than anything found inside wrapping paper. Crime and incarceration tear families apart, but Prison Fellowship®’s Angel Tree Christmas program gives incarcerated parents a pathway to restore relationships with their children. With your support, Angel Tree has reached children of incarcerated parents with more than 11 million gifts in the last 37

Angel Tree Church Registration – Old Version

Posted October 7, 2019
ANGEL TREE CHURCH REGISTRATION Does your church, group, or organization love sharing the Gospel? Do you have a special concern for the vulnerable and families? Sign up for Angel Tree Christmas today. We’ll help you re-connect hurting families and share the Good News of Jesus Christ—the ultimate Christmas gift—with prisoners’ children who live right in your area. Your simple act of love will give joy to families who might otherwise have little to celebrate, as you

Repairing Relationships: How Angel Tree Comforted a Hurting Family

Posted July 18, 2019
Four-year-old Kassey didn't understand why her daddy was leaving her behind. Could Angel Tree® help a hurting family during this time of separation? Four-year-old Kassey was confused. She kept hearing about "prison" and "incarceration," but she didn't know what the words meant. She soon learned that, in her case, it meant that she wouldn't see her father regularly for several years. Growing up with an absent parent is incredibly painful for a child, especially when that parent is

Saving Christmas: Blue Ridge Fellowship Steps Up After Angel Tree Presents Stolen

Posted July 16, 2019
Strangers stole their Angel Tree® gifts two days before the Christmas party, but Ruby and her fellow Blue Ridge Fellowship volunteers discovered there was one thing that couldn't be taken away. The last thing Angel Tree coordinator Ruby Payne expected was a robbery. Two days before last December's Angel Tree event, Robin and her volunteers arrived at Blue Ridge Fellowship in Woodlawn, Virginia, party decorations in hand. They were there to move about 80 gifts from storage

Doing Time as a Family: Why Prison Fellowship Ministers to Angel Tree Families

Posted July 11, 2019
Children of prisoners are some of America's most at-risk kids. Will you help give them hope for a brighter future? The second time her mother was incarcerated, Tatianna was still a little girl, her feet dangling as she sat in the courtroom. She didn't really understand what was happening, but she still remembers how devastated she felt, hearing the judge sentence her mother to "one hundred and something months." She could hardly wrap her mind around

Jean’s Gift: How Angel Tree Brought a Crime Victim and a Family Together

Posted July 10, 2019
A thief sneaked into Jean's house and stole her peace of mind. When God asked her to bless his family, could she do what felt impossible? When Jean Huffman was a 16-year-old girl living in northeast Alabama, Ellis Whigham, the love of her life, slipped a ring on her finger. Ellis told Jean that he loved her and wanted to marry her. They thought about driving over the state line into Georgia, where no one would


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