End the Cycle
of Recidivism:
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End the Cycle of Recidivism:
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Give monthly to The Academy to advance discipleship and support to prisoners so they re-enter the world redeemed.
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01. A Cycle of Imprisonment

Roderick grew up around drugs and began to sell them himself at a young age. He had three stints in prison very close together. In 1989, at 31 years old, he did his first two-year sentence. Within one week of getting out, he had another case against him. He went back in for another five years.

The tendency of prisoners to return to the prison system after they are released. The pattern or habit of re-entering the place from which they are supposed to be free.

02. Life-change Behind Bars

While in prison, Roderick met Jesus, and it transformed his relationships with those around him and his children. In 2008, he joined the Prison Fellowship Academy. “I learned how to be a father (through Embracing the Father). I learned how things from my past affected my future ... once I got out, God laid it upon my heart to give back.”

03. Released For Good

Roderick gives back in many ways. He is the associate pastor at his mentor's church. He is a committed volunteer with Prison Fellowship, and he helps teach reentry classes to other men getting ready to go home. He goes into prison every chance he gets to share the message of hope with the prisoners.

Gospel Centered

Every prisoner is invited into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.


We provide resources for prisoners to be rehabilitated.


Prisoners are trained in skills that help them contribute to community.


Prisoners are matched with a mentor to help them in prison and after their release.

04. A Bright Future

Roderick now has two transitional houses. He helps prisoners find jobs and teaches life skills classes, one of which is a biblically-based anger management class called “Overcomers.” Roderick primarily teaches relational skills and community living, having experienced first-hand the grace of God through community. He hopes to keep others from returning to prison and works to help end the cycle of incarceration.

The Prison Fellowship Academy™ is present in 26 states, with plans for an Academy in every state by 2026.

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