Advocacy Resources

Crime affects everyone. With nearly 1 in 4 adults in the United States having some sort of criminal conviction, odds are you know somebody who has been convicted of a crime, or suffered as a result of someone else's offense. And we all are paying more and more to lock men and women up for their offenses. Yet, with all the emphasis on incarceration, recidivism rates remain extremely high, as those who eventually leave prison struggle to reintegrate with society.

Prison Fellowship seeks to change our criminal justice system at every level so that it respects the inherent dignity of every person. We promote policies that help to create safer communities, that respect those who have been harmed by crime, and that bring about true transformation in the lives of those who have been responsible for crime.

In order to advance these policies, Prison Fellowship advocacy resources provide informative overviews about major criminal justice issues, stating our position and relevant advocacy accomplishments on each issue. Under some topics, you will also find links to more in-depth Prison Fellowship resources, such as briefs, white papers, and testimony.