Going Beyond Christmas

Every Christmas, thousands of churches like yours help brighten the lives of countless children through Angel Tree, a program of Prison Fellowship. Purchasing, wrapping, and delivering gifts to prisoners’ children on their behalf not only delivers a message of love from parent to child, but also the true meaning of Christmas—the good news of Jesus Christ.

But Angel Tree doesn’t end with Christmas.

For you and your church, that first Christmas connection can be the beginning of a rewarding ongoing relationship with these children and their families. Continue your Angel Tree ministry throughout the year and God will use your church to help these children and their families grow in their faith, strengthen their relationships with imprisoned parents, and fulfill the purposes that God has for their lives. There are many opportunities to reach out to these families and enfold them into the life of your church.

Prison Fellowship also provides training, tools, and resources to help your church extend and deepen its Angel Tree ministry in two specific ways: camping and mentoring.

Additional Resources

Brochures for Incarcerated Parents