Our Approach

Prison Fellowship seeks to restore those affected by crime and incarceration by introducing prisoners, victims, and their families to a new hope available through Jesus Christ. By nurturing a growing Christian community inside America’s prisons, as well as equipping churches and communities to welcome those men and women home once they finish their sentences, restoration and healing can begin. To accomplish this, we train and inspire churches and communities—inside and outside of prison—to support the restoration of those affected by incarceration.


Prisoners participate in Prison Fellowship classes each month


Prison Fellowship volunteers across the U.S.


Children connected to a church in 2014 to receive the Gospel and a Christmas gift on behalf of an incarcerated parent

Prison Fellowship focuses on five areas of ministry to help move men, women, and their families from a cycle of crime to a cycle of renewal.

Prisoner Singing


Prison Fellowship staff and volunteers are in hundreds of correctional facilities each day sharing the Gospel, spreading hope, and teaching life-changing classes. Through our evangelism events, we introduce incarcerated men and women to a new future in Christ and nurture their spiritual growth with Bible studies, discipleship courses, and seminary-level classes. We also offer a holistic set of life-skill classes, mentorship opportunities, and reentry programs to prepare prisoners to be leaders in their communities—whether inside or outside of prison. As a result, we are seeing prisoners use their sentences as a time to grow, change, and find a new, positive life path with Prison Fellowship staff and volunteers as their guide.

Wardens Talking


Wardens are the CEOs of their prisons; they hold the key to transforming correctional facilities into havens of moral rehabilitation for the incarcerated men and women under their care. Prison Fellowship’s Warden Exchange program is helping them make this transformation a reality in their facilities. Warden Exchange convenes correctional leaders and provides a professional network of training in best practices and support as they fulfill their legacy of building safer, more rehabilitative prisons. This program is helping wardens all over the country change the culture of their correctional facilities.

Prisoner and Son Reconnecting


Children often feel lonely and abandoned when their mom or dad goes away to prison. But Prison Fellowship's Angel Tree program is here to help. Church volunteers around the country provide local children with the Gospel message and Christmas gifts on behalf of their incarcerated parent. These children also receive a special message from their mom or dad, reminding them of their love. Through Angel Tree, churches are coming alongside families of the incarcerated at Christmastime, and all year long, to provide support while their loved ones are away.

prisoner reentry


Prison Fellowship’s approach to helping formerly incarcerated men and women thrive begins with our programs inside of prisons. We prepare for healthy reintegration by providing life-skill classes, mentors, and access to local community resources. We also run faith-based dorms in several states where prisoners can take practical classes and prepare for reentry within a caring Christian community. Prison Fellowship also works with churches and organizations to strengthen local support networks for former prisoners.

Advocating on Capitol Hill


Prison Fellowship believes that all people are God's creation and have inherent dignity. This means that everyone should receive respect, so our approach refocuses on the worth of people impacted by crime and incarceration. Our advocacy program works closely with legislators to help retool our system to provide a more just experience for all parties affected—so that communities are safer, victims are respected, and people convicted of a crime are transformed. We're mobilizing our national network of justice advocates to work together for justice that restores.


Prison Fellowship's amazing volunteers and supporters are making this possible each and every day. Will you join us as we help prisoners find a new life path, care for families with incarcerated loved ones, and give former prisoners a second chance?