In-Prison Ministry

Learn how to share God’s love through in-prison ministries. The stories and resources on this page will show you how to meet prisoners at their greatest point of need – in prison. (Please click on the + to view more resources)

Ministry Basics
Prison Culture
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Short-Term Ministry
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Recommended Reading


  • A Teen’s Journey From Promising to Prisoner

    Through interviews woven into a one-hour special, the life of a young man named Tourrie Moses unfolds onscreen. And then it unravels. The One That Got Away aired on select PBS stations for Spotlight Education, …more »
  • Sins of the Fathers: Three Generations of Prisoners

    “Generation to generation, it all stems from me.” The lament of Sheldon Johnson, Sr. is a familiar one for many families stuck in a cycle of crime and incarceration. A deaf child raised by parents …more »
  • Are Violent Criminals Redeemable?

    When Dr. James Gilligan started work as a prison psychiatrist in a medium-security facility in Massachusetts, he took with him a pre-formed perspective on the men he would be treating. “I had been taught up …more »