In-Prison Ministry

Learn how to share God’s love through in-prison ministries. The stories and resources on this page will show you how to meet prisoners at their greatest point of need – in prison. (Please click on the + to view more resources)

Ministry Basics
Prison Culture
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Short-Term Ministry
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  • How Christians Are Building Community Behind Bars

    Living life as a Christian in prison can be challenging. Many of these men and women find themselves isolated, in the midst of a culture that doesn’t share or reflect their values, struggling to hold …more »
  • Viewing Prisoners Through a New Lens

    Animals. Subhuman. Unrepentant. Undeserving of mercy. The perceptions that many people have of prisoners are harsh and unforgiving. They are formed by television and movies, augmented by the nightly news, and used by politicians seeking to sway …more »
  • How One Little Prayer Box Is Changing a Prison

    Often in life, God redirects our paths using unexpected means. Robyn, a woman serving a prison sentence in California, knows this truth firsthand. God has used her prison time to build her faith more than she …more »