Family Ministry

Help those who are struggling with the pain and loss of having a family member in prison. The articles on this page will equip you to reach out to hurting children and their caregivers. (Please click on the + to view more resources)

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  • Bringing Hope to Forgotten Victims

    How do you explain incarceration to a child? Crime affects many people. The oft-forgotten victims are the children of the incarcerated. In this month's issue, Smithsonian Magazine focuses on the millions of American children who struggle every day with …more »
  • Do You Want to Join Billy Kidd in Prison?

    With his wiry gray beard, rugged appearance, and familiar name, William “Billy” Kidd looks like someone who has stories to tell. And he does. The former drug dealer who was once a leader of the Aryan …more »
  • A Mother’s Confession: How God Used Angel Tree to Melt Her Heart

    A version of the following article originally aired as a BreakPoint commentary, and is reproduced here with permission. It was back in the 1990s when I was practically a kid writer here at BreakPoint that …more »