The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.– John 1:5

There are fewer places darker than a prison cell. There, separated from all that they ever knew or loved, men and women struggle with feelings of despair and hopelessness. As they search for some sense of meaning and purpose for their lives, they wonder if anyone outside the walls of the prison knows or cares about their struggles.

But even in the darkest places, there is Light.

For nearly 40 years, Prison Fellowship has been going into correctional facilities, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with those behind bars, and offering the hope of true transformation. Through the use of Bible-based programming, and with the help of thousands of committed volunteers, lives are being changed, hope is being restored, and darkness is being replaced with the promise of a future.

Evangelism Events


In prison yards across the country, men and women are being introduced to Jesus and the promise of salvation, through one- and two-day evangelistic events. Speakers, musicians, and other performers, along with local volunteers, are able to convey the life-changing message that Jesus came to seek and save the lost.

Inside Journal


Inside Journal® is a quarterly publication of Prison Fellowship that is distributed inside corrections facilities. Written specifically for incarcerated men and women, with issues in both English and Spanish, Inside Journal offers encouragement and motivation, as well as practical advice for the daily struggles of prison life. For those who may never attend a chapel service or Bible study, Inside Journal is yet another way to reach lives in need of transformation.

Bible Studies and Mentoring


Those who seek to learn more about God’s promises are given the opportunity by attending in-prison Bible studies. The volunteer-facilitated classes give prisoners the chance to dig a little deeper into the life and teachings of Jesus, and how they can apply those lessons to their own lives. Through the renewing of their hearts and minds, these men and women are equipped to share the Gospel with others behind bars, and better prepared to live faithfully after they are released.

Leadership Training


For those who seek a deeper understanding of the Scriptures, Prison Fellowship, in conjunction with World Impact, offers seminary-level courses. Here, men and women are becoming church leaders of the “church behind walls,” and are learning how they can advance God’s kingdom as leaders in their own communities after leaving prison.

Preparing for Reentry


As men and women prepare to leave prison and return to their communities, Prison Fellowship assists them by providing basic life-skills training, marriage and parenting classes, and other programming to help them be successful in their new lives on the outside. In some facilities, Prison Fellowship hosts faith-based dorms as a part of our InnerChange Freedom Initiative® that offer an intensive,  18- to 24-month program to equip participants for reentry.