Mentoring Ministry

Offer friendship and guidance to prisoners and ex-prisoners who are rebuilding their lives. The resources on this page will help you develop effective mentoring skills. (Please click on the + to view more resources)

Ministry Basics
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Effective Mentoring
Long-Term Ministry
Recommended Reading


  • Would You Make a Good Mentor? – Part I

    How do you know if you would make a good mentor for someone in prison? In many ways, serving as a mentor—whether for a prisoner or for someone on the outside—is quite simple. In other …more »
  • From Drug Dealer to Hero

    Diane Reyes doesn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea about why she started selling drugs at 19. She doesn’t blame the neighborhood on the southeast side of Houston, Texas, where she grew up, and …more »
  • From Incarceration to the Ivy League

    It's safe to say Columbia blue suits David Norman much better than his prison jumpsuit ever did. He sat in the front row with Columbia University's class of 2016, graduating as the oldest member at …more »