Prisoners & Families/Friends

Resources for Reentry
Reentry is tough. Two-thirds of released prisoners will be arrested again within three years. These resources will help you know what to expect when prisoners return to society, and how you can help maximize their chances for success. View Resources

Resources for Families & Friends
The incarceration of a loved one can be overwhelming. Where do you turn for help? These resources will help you know what to expect after someone you care about has been arrested, and how to cope before, during, and after their sentence. View Resources

Resources for Loved Ones Behind Bars
Need something to encourage an incarcerated loved one? Look here for devotionals, prisoner Bibles, family connection guides, and Christian lifestyle guides specifically tailored to those doing time. View Resources


Angel Tree

Resources for Chaplains
Chaplains are on the front lines of prison ministry, and are the vital links connecting Angel Tree to incarcerated parents. Here you will find the resources you need to start Angel Tree in your prison or to continue your prison’s participation. View Resources

Resources for Church Coordinators
Church Coordinators are the hands and feet of the Angel Tree ministry, using their time and talents to bless prisoners’ children and families. Here you will find the resources you need to support your church participation in Angel Tree. View Resources

Resources for going beyond Christmas
That first Christmas connection can be the beginning of a rewarding ongoing relationship between Angel Tree children and their local church. Here you will find resources to help your church continue Angel Tree ministry throughout the year. View Resources

Family Embraced DVD Group Study
Family Embraced is a creative combination of videos, small group discussion questions, and group activities developed by Angel Tree to help churches take that next step of investment in the lives of prisoners’ children, their caregivers, and their incarcerated parents. Learn More

In-Prison Sign-Up Coordinator Tool Kit
The Angel Tree In-Prison Sign-Up Kit is an online presentation designed to provide you and your volunteer teams with a set of resources to increase your ministry impact with the prison chaplains, prisoners, and prisoners’ families involved with Angel Tree. View Resource

Angel Tree Volunteer Handbook
The purpose of the volunteer handbook is to provide you with the general policies and procedures of Prison Fellowship and Angel Tree, and to outline how volunteers like you can partner with us on our mission to serve prisoners, their families, and your community. View Handbook


Prison Ministry

Resources for Prison Ministry
Ministering to the incarcerated and their families can sometimes feel like visiting a foreign culture. Whether you are new to prison ministry, or you’re a veteran looking for new perspectives, explore our resources to help you understand the complexities of incarceration – and how it intersects with justice, family relationships, employment, justice, and more. View Resources

Prisoner Pen Pals
Provide much-needed encouragement and friendship to an isolated prisoner. You can establish your own pen-pal ministry using our guide, Visit Prison in an Envelope. This simple guide lays out the basic steps for finding a prisoner pen pal, provides practical suggestions on how to get started, and provides other tips for fostering a safe, appropriate relationship based on encouragement and discipleship. Learn More

Inside Journal
Inside Journal is a four-page newspaper published four times a year – in May, August, November, and February. While subscriptions are not available for individual prisoners (prison facilities sign up and distribute to prisoners), we encourage you to print out a copy of Inside Journal and use it as a source of encouragement, information, and inspiration in your prison ministry. Learn More



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